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Not so much a blog post, than a collection of knowledge tidbits for easy reference.

Pulling in changes results in conflicts

This can happen even if conflicts shouldn’t occur. I’ve seen it happen where it took the following form:

>>>>>>> 1 [JKVFWQZN ]
======= 1 [ESVWVRQF first change]
<<<<<<< 1

This situation has two characteristics:

It’s as if the same change was attempted applied with different IDs.

The solution/workaround I found was to unrecord the change with the message, reset the working copy, then re-apply the change.

$ pijul unrecord ESVWVRQF
$ pijul reset
$ pijul apply ESVWVRQF

Alternatively, another “pijul pull” instead of applying the change (it should amount to the same thing).

Add change to discussion on nest.pijul.com

I thought for a while that there was a magic string put in the change message or description to reference a discussion, but that’s GitHub thinking.

Use –to-channel with “pijul push” and reference the discussion by number:

$ pijul push --to-channel main:42

The result should be something like this: https://nest.pijul.com/laumann/ani/discussions/1.