Fun with ARM64, Raspberry Pi and QEMU

Last updated 2022-02-23

I recently had a need to use a 64-bit ARM machine, running something like the Raspberry Pi OS. Not only that, I needed to run Docker on it to build a small base image of arm64v8/debian:bullseye-slim with the ca-certificates package installed. Read on ›

Hello World as init in Linux with QEMU

Last updated 2021-08-12

Inspired by the Rob Landley talk on building the Simplest Possible Linux, this post takes us on a journey where we learn how to have "Hello World!" be our PID 1 and all that our OS will do. Read on ›

A: Top-posting

Last updated 2021-09-08

Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail? Read on ›