Teensy 2.0 programming on Gentoo 2024-07-12
teensy · C · gentoo · keyboard

Getting the cross-compilation toolchain for AVR configured on Gentoo to allow programming the Teensy 2.0 microcontroller..

Understanding Pijul file graphs and change files 2023-10-19

Pijul represents files internally as a graph, but how does it actually work?

Pijul notes 2023-06-02

Not so much a blog post, than a collection of knowledge tidbits for easy reference.

Advent of Code Day 7 in Hare 2022-12-15

Tackling the day 7 puzzle in Hare was interesting, because it showcases a fair few of Hare's strengths: parsing an input stream of lines of bytes, managing some memory, string handling and tagged unions. So as an excuse to write about Hare, I'll write about my solution for this puzzle.

Interacting with Acme 2022-10-31
acme · plan9 · git

Interacting with Acme through the terminal is pretty rad. This is basically a poor rehash of acme(4) plus ideas for a Git integration.

Taking Acme for a spin (update) 2022-10-21
acme · plan9

I have been running Acme daily now, and thought I'd note down some highlights on the experience so far.

Taking Acme for a spin 2022-09-30
acme · plan9 · gentoo

I've been inspired to take the Acme for a more serious spin. Here are some of things I learned early on, and couple of tips and tricks.

A note on hashes 2022-08-23
pijul · blake3

Quick note on hashes in Pijul.

Change files 2022-08-20

When you create a new Pijul repository, a .pijul folder is created with two subfolders: “change” and “pristine”. Here we will look into the structure of the change directory and change files.

Good merge, bad merge 2022-08-04
pijul · git · vcs

Some time ago, I got excited about a new VCS called Pijul whose distinctive feature is that it's based on a theoretical foundation around patches.

Fun with ARM64, Raspberry Pi and QEMU 2022-02-23
raspberrypi · arm · qemu

I recently had a need to use a 64-bit ARM machine, running something like the Raspberry Pi OS. Not only that, I needed to run Docker on it to build a small base image of arm64v8/debian:bullseye-slim with the ca-certificates package installed.

A: Top-posting 2021-09-08

Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

Hello World as init in Linux with QEMU 2021-08-12
linux · C · qemu · gentoo

Inspired by the Rob Landley talk on building the Simplest Possible Linux, this post takes us on a journey where we learn how to have "Hello World!" be our PID 1 and all that our OS will do.

cat /dev/screen | topng > screencap.png 2020-08-14
plan9 · raspberrypi

If you've never heard of Plan 9 from Bell Labs maybe this post isn't for you (or maybe it is). If you have any interest in Unix-like operating systems, then Plan 9 might be worth checking out.