This site got yet another overhaul and as I was looking at updating the Jekyll installation on my server I had another idea: Why not use to build and deploy the site? So that’s exactly what I did.

I’ll be upfront: is awesome. The guy who runs it — Drew DeVault — is also pretty awesome. You should check out the work he does. In fact, the new layout of this site is heavily inspired by his blog.

Using is pretty simple:

  • Put a .build.yml file in the root of the repository
  • Read the documentation 1 on how to write build manifests
  • Setup a non-privileged SSH user on the server that hosts your site (I called the user deploy)
  • Setup an SSH key as a secret to allow this deploy user to push the new build to the server

Or if you’re really lazy, simply find a .build.yml that already does what you want.

The result is here.