I read a lot. I especially read a lot on the Internet and I constantly have multiple tabs open (I never want to close an open page — what if it disappears?). Before tabbed browsing I always had twenty-seven IE windows open. This was before I discovered the joys of free software. Things are different now.


Manage Rust installations on Gentoo with rustup

I love Gentoo. I love Rust. How about Rust on Gentoo? Well, I love it, but it’s a little more complicated.

This is a run-down of the steps I ended up taking to be able to manage the Rust installation via rustup on my Gentoo and have Portage use it for ebuilds requiring virtual/rust.

Futures from Scratch

This post describes my journey in implementing Future from scratch for use with tokio to write asynchronous tasks.

tl;dr: It is possible, but not in the way I want it.



Greg — A regular expression editor and tester, written in Go.

compiletest-rs — An extraction of the compiletest utility from the Rust compiler.

session-types — An implementation of session types in Rust. Developed in my MsC thesis Practical Session Types in Rust. We also presented a paper on Session Types for Rust at WGP'15.

A Tour of Rust — An attempt at emulating the excellent A Tour of Go as a learning resource for Rust.

redshift-rs — A re-implementation of Redshift in Rust.

cph.rs — Copenhagen Rust Group, a meetup group for people interested in Rust. See its website for event announcements