Tools I use and relevant configurations (passwords not included).


Technically an OS, but isn’t an OS just a another very general tool?

I’ve tried many distros from Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, but I’ve always come back to Gentoo. I just like compiling stuff, I guess.



I started out with Emacs years ago, eventually tried out vim-tutor and have not been able to go back to Emacs without modal editing. I tried Spacemacs and DOOM Emacs (the latter I stuck with for about a year), but it was never quite right.

I try to stick as closely to vanilla Vim (not Neovim) as possible. That way, I don’t have to do a lot of configuration to be productive in Vim on a fresh install.


All my password management is accomplished with pass. I couple it with passmenu to have a handy keyboard shortcut to grab a password I need. I tried out the Firefox extension for pass, but it got in the way more than it helped.

Managing more than one machine and synchronizing the password stores is as simple as pass git push and pass git pull.

I have a subfolder that encrypts keys with a different key for work, so the same store can reside on my private machines while keeping the work passwords safe.

neomutt, isync and notmuch

Email client.

I use as my email “provider”. It’s basically bring-your-own-domain and they’ll handle the email aspect of it.


I’ve shopped around for various IRC clients, and so far have tried Irssi, Weechat and Senpai. Irssi I found weirdly charming but difficult to configure. Then I found Weechat and stayed with that for a while.

I run my own IRC bouncer soju now with the weechat plugin.


I use fzf opening files from within Vim, and that’s all I use it for. Some people use it to find things in their command-line history and other fancy things, but I’m used to good ’ol ^R.